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Concession holders


Group Rougier is the first partner of the CBP with 3 concessions of Société Forestière et Industrielle de la Doumé (SFID) in Cameroon. Now, also forest concessions from Rougier Gabon are added to the contract as well as some additional Cameroonian forest covering a total surface of 1,502,222 ha. 



CoraWood Gabon

Corà Wood Gabon has joined the Congo Basin Program with one concessions in Gabon covering a surface of 217,708 hectares.



Wijma Cameroun SA

Wijma Cameroun SA collaborates with the Congo Basin Program with 4 forest concessions in Cameroon, covering a total surface of 319,395 hectares.

Logs & Lumber Limited



Logs and Lumber Limited (LLL) participates in the Congo Basin Program with 4 forest concessions in Ghana, covering a total surface of 35,958 hectares.

  Logo Precious Woods

Precious Woods Gabon collaborates with the Congo Basin Program to maintain FSC certification of 2 forest concessions covering in total 616,700 hectares.

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