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Participative land-use planning first

Our activities in DRC

Originally, the Congo Basin Program had the objective to have one good example of FSC certification in DRC. Over the last year, the CBP has received critical notes on its planned activities in DRC with references to social scandals that have taken place at a number of forest companies in DRC.

The plan
In co-lead with WWF, the Congo Basin Program has, together with stakeholders from diverse NGOs and the government, developed an approach on how to best engage with forest companies in DRC. Basically, first step is to execute a participative land-use planning process. The results of this zoning will be evaluated in order to decide what follow-up will be given.  

First step is to execute a pilot project on micro-zoning by participative social cartography at the concession Mpolé of forest company SODEFOR. Once completed, this will contribute to respecting user rights of local communities at the chosen site. Lessons learned from this first exercise can be incorporated in consecutive micro-zoning activities with other forest

Achievements so far
From 9 to 11 April, WWF has organized a 3-day workshop in Kinshasa with the main objective to contribute to the implementation of a methodology for participative micro zoning in DRC. More than 50 participants of various organisations were present representing national NGO’s of the forest-environment sector, central government and government in charge of forest-related issues, universities and research institutes, thematic commissions of the National Steering Committee of Zoning, indigenous peoples organisations, cooperation agencies and international conservation organisations. Valuable input and suggestions were provided and the results of the workshop have been integrated in the field protocol of the Consultant; the methodology for the fieldwork is finalized.

As per August 2013, a consultant has been hired to do the actual participative micro-zoning in the field. The fieldwork has commenced in September and the first results were available in December. An extension of the contract has been asked for the finalization of the remaining 30% of the work and the organization of a validation workshop with all stakeholders.



A review of the experiences on micro-zoning in DRC can be found here (2.2 Mb)

(ou en  française (1.9 Mb).

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