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Why participate

Sorry, it is no longer possible to join the Congo Basin Program



Join the Congo Basin Program

Four main reasons for joining this program were:

  1. Become one of the front runners in working towards the sustainable & responsible production of tropical timber;
  2. Benefit from co-financing of a variety of relevant services offered by this unique program;
  3. Benefit from a large pool of expertise;
  4. Contribute to a positive image of the African timber sector.


Conditions for participating

The program intends to include both large and small (community forestry) concession holders in the process. The conditions for participation include:   



  • Commitment to become FSC certified/ achieve other objectives as stated in the Partnership Agreement before the end of 2015;

Legality and management

  • Clear land use rights in the forest region;
  • Relevant legal management documentation in place for each concession (approved management plan);
  • No recent (<3yrs) illegal activities by company;

Stakeholder relationships

  • No outstanding lawsuits are pending concerning your forest management;
  • No serious social conflicts;
  • No sister, mother or daughter company that excludes the company from becoming FSC certified based on the FSC ‘Policy of Association’;


  • No financial donor support from other programs concerning FSC certification.



Sorry, it is no longer possible to join the Congo Basin Program

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