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Two phases

The duration of the program implementation is 4.5 years, until Dec. 2015. The CBP has divided it's certification implementation activities in two phases. For the first phase, 2.5 million ha of forest is to be included in the certification trajectory and 1 million ha in the improved certification trajectory. The second phase concerns 1.5 and 0.5 million ha, respectively. Pre-requisite for continuation of the program into the second phase (foreseen to commence beginning of 2013, see red line in planning figure below) is that a regional/ national FSC standard is accredited and functional.


Global planning

The figure below gives an overview of the global planning for the Congo Basin Program. Activities are subdivided into 4 components: partner identification, partner selection, program implementation and program evaluation. For every quarter, the specific activities are depicted in green (1st phase) and red (2nd phase).

Planning CBP

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