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FSAS supports CBP on social aspects

Cooperation CBP - FSAS official

12-01-2012 Latest news


Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services (FSAS) is a consultancy firm which offers services in CSR policy development, value chain development, business planning, partnership development, value chain finance, capacity development, certification and impact measuring. For more information you can visit the website of FSAS.



Forestry is one of the specializations of FSAS with emphasis on the social side of forestry working on subjects as community forestry, organization of small producers of timber and non-timber products, and business planning. FSAS has extensive experience in the region, especially Cameroon and DRC where it also has a strong network with multiple local NGOs involved.


FSAS and Congo Basin Program 

In the framework of the Congo Basin Program FSAS will be responsible for the further development of the buddy-system which is designed to facilitate capacity building by coupling large, experienced service providers (companies and NGOs) with less experienced, developing service providers. Further, FSAS will concentrate on the identification of small producers and community foresters that are ready to either 1. enter a semi-commercial partnership with a forestry company e.g. to get easier access to the export market, or 2. to become FSC certified themselves. If there is a good business case, FSAS can also assist these community foresters getting access to finance.



The main point of contact of FSAS is Jochem Schneemann, consultant market and value chain development. He is anxious to start his activities for the Congo Basin Program: “I am very eager to seek and find matches between logging companies and community foresters that will benefit both parties. The worldwide trend is that communities have an increasing role to play in sustainable forest management. Therefore it is crucial to find ways of building effective and lasting partnerships.  The Congo Basin Program offers an excellent opportunity to develop practical examples of such multi stakeholder cooperation“.


Jochem Schneemann, Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services


Tel. 00 31 6 835 981 94


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