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Including community foresters

05-12-2012 Latest news

At the moment, we are finalizing the work plan. Following the way the current proposal is evolving, FTT will be the group manager of a group of 8 forests in Cameroon. A certification process will be connected to this group to obtain in phase 1 certified legality and in phase 2 an FSC group certificate. An advantage is that the group receives support and training in inventories, sustainable harvesting, transport and planning for addressing the export market. As fair prices will be paid to the communities, this will helps the planning of social investments in the community and of the forest operations.


At the moment, a dozen community forests have been producing timber with FTT for the last 3 to 4 years. This timber is purchased and conditioned on account of Fair Tropical Timber. Annual export quality production of community forest varies between 50m3 and 120m3. Production results are very variable; it depends on timber available, level of organization and interest of buyers within the year of exploitation.


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