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Congo Basin Program

November 20th : Learning event

11-09-2015 Latest news

The IDH Congo Basin Program (CBP) is organizing a learning event, to be held on the 20th of November, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Key results, experiences and lessons learned with the promotion of forest certification in the Congo Basin will be shared from 5 years CBP. Interesting speakers will look back, and share their results. Through a panel discussion, the future of sustainable forest management and certification in Africa will be discussed.


Key achievements, experience and lessons learned after 5 years CBP

Tieme Wanders

CBP secretariat

Promotion of Sustainable Tropical Timber Trade with Africa

Marieke Abcouwer


Vision and experience of Groupe Rougier on certification in the Congo Basin

Paul-Emmanuel Huet

Rougier Groupe

Legal export of community timber from Cameroun to the EU

Leonard Sprik

Fair Tropical Timber

Resolving land use tension in DRC: participative micro-zoning of a forest concession, an important new tool

Inoussa Njumboket


Strengthening the SFM business case: launch of an innovative business case toolkit for forest managers

Rutger de Wolf

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Registration is open to invitees. If you are interested to receive an invitation and more information, send an Email to: info@congobasinprogram.com



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