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Achieve FSC TM certification for 103,395 ha and maintain it for 216,000 ha

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17-04-2013 Latest news

‘A pioneer of forest certification in the Congo Basin, the Wijma Cameroon SA is the first company certified FSCTM in this region in 2005. In December 2011, Wijma Cameroon SA was also the first company to obtain a certificate FSCTM Group Management (Group Wijma Cameroon) in the Congo Basin. Given its long experience in forest management, Wijma Cameroon SA has decided to share his experience in accompanying several other companies in this way. Thus, with support and accompaniment, companies CAFECO SA, CFK SA and SCIEB SA were certified respectively in 2010, 2011 and 2012 on all of their titles.


Knowing that the process of FSC ™ certification for responsible forest management is long, slow, costly and extremely demanding in the context of the Congo Basin, we affirm that the efforts and commitment of the Congo Basin Program (CBP) to support this is laudable and welcome. We believe that with this support, the certified forest area FSCTM for responsible forest management will increase for the benefit of all stakeholders. Wijma Cameroon SA has decided to join the CBP to be supported in his efforts and determination to maintain its FSCTM certificates, those of its partners and to support new companies on this track.’


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