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Consultation framework

An important element in the certification process the assurance of the respect of legal and customary rights of indigenous people and the consultation of local population in the forest’s management. The set-up of a consultation framework with all local stakeholders can be subsidized by the program.

The CBP shall co-fund the advice a concession holder will receive for setting up a stakeholder consultation framework. This work shall involve identification of the relevant stakeholders, design of the methods of approach per stakeholder group, design of conflict resolution mechanism and the development of an implementation plan for the consultation framework. The time needed to perform this services depends on the size of the concession and the complexity of the social circumstances that a concession holder shall have to take into account.


The  maximum costs eligible  for co-funding for setting up a consultation framework are €210,- per 1,000 hectares, CBP contributes with 50% for non certified concessions and with 25% for already certified concessions.



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