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High Conservation Value Forest analysis

In view of the certification of forest management according to the FSC principles and criteria, an analysis of the presence of High Conservation Value Forests has to be executed. High Conservation Value Areas are those areas that possess one or more of the following attributes:


HCV1. Forest areas containing globally, regionally or nationally significant concentrations of biodiversity values (e.g. endemism, endangered species, refugia).


HCV2. Forest areas containing globally, regionally or nationally significant large landscape level forests, contained within, or containing the management unit, where viable populations of most, if not all, naturally occurring species exist in natural patterns of distribution and abundance.


HCV3. Forest areas that are in or contain rare, threatened or endangered ecosystems.


HCV4. Forest areas that provide basic services of nature in critical situations (e.g. watershed protection, erosion control).


HCV5. Forest areas fundamental to meeting basic needs of local communities (e.g. subsistence, health).


HCV6. Forest areas critical to local communities’ traditional cultural identity (areas of cultural, ecological, economic or religious significance identified in cooperation with such local communities)


Concession holders might need assistance for these analyses. The program can fund any assistance that concession holders need with the execution of this assessment. As a result of the High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Assessment a concessionaire might have to put in place additional monitoring plans. The program shall fund the development of monitoring systems as a direct result of the assessment. Other activities that a concessionaire will have to undertake as a result of the HCVF assessment shall not be liable for funding.


The  maximum costs eligible  for co-funding  for HCFV analysis and monitoring plan are €210,- per 1,000 hectares, CBP contribution 50% for non-certified concessions, 25% for already certified concessions.



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