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Social training

For responsible forest management, the social component is an important aspect. On the ground, it means that concession holders will have to undertake efforts to improve the situation for communities within or surrounding the forest concession. The CBP can subsidize a training that deals with resolving social issues that might arise as a result of forest management implementation. A maximum of 3 subjects can be covered per concession where a typical training shall consume 4-5 days per subject. 


The training can focus on the following subjects:


  • The social principles of sustainable forestry (for employees, management and communities)
    A course focusing on the social paragraph of the FSC standard and the Free, Prior and Informed Consent. How to implement programs tackling these subjects shall be a key element of the course. Duration 4-5 days.


  • Conflict resolving (for senior management)
    The course shall focus on the development of a system for the identification of conflicts and methods for resolving conflicts. Duration 3-4 days.


  • Health care (for employees, management and communities)
    Courses focusing on the analysis of health care issues in the concession, advice on development of primary health care services and the implementation of awareness raising programs. Duration 4-6 days.  


  • Community and workers organization support and training (for employees and communities)
    Course aiming at the organization of the community and workers plus the implications it holds for forest management. Duration 3-4 days.  

The  maximum costs eligible for co-funding social trainings covering  2 subjects are €25,000.- per concession. CBP contribution 50% for non certified concessions, 25% for already certified concessions.



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