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Semi-commercial partnership

For community-owned forest concessions and small producers it is often seen that the link to the formal market is lacking. The program could fund services that are aimed at the development of a business plan for a partnership between small producers and large concession holders, timber producers, or committed buyers.


In this construction, the latter party (the large concession holder, timber producer or committed buyer) is in the lead; this service is delivered to them (hence they will be responsible for match funding). The service of a semi-commercial partnership includes an analysis of the business case and business plans of community-led or small-producer timber (and if relevant NTFP (i.e. Non Timber Forest Products)) value chains and support to an upgrade. Furthermore, it includes business skills training, e.g. writing business plan, marketing of products, negotiation techniques, organizational and management skills.


The  maximum costs eligible  for co-funding  for consultancy on the set up of a semi-commercial partnership are € 15,000,- per project, CBP contribution is 50%.



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